About Us

The Quirky Quill is what happens when two twenty-something best friends with a penchant for writing, have their usual conversation about life, and how it has been getting to them. The Quirky Quill or QQ, as we love to call it, is a result of a self-sufficing coping mechanism we figured due to a lack of genuine, honest and primarily, humane pieces on the world wide web. This is our attempt to find an outlet for raw, and powerful emotions. This is our attempt to discuss conflict in passion, and lifestyle choices, and everything else. But above all, this is our attempt to be ourselves, in a world full of convoluted, complex people, and thoughts and opinion, and emotions.

Just like the two of us, promises to be one of the… well, feel free to insert any positive superlative adjective in this phrase…blogs you’ve read in a while.

About Siddharth

You know how young-adult movies describe us into different easily identifiable categories that we hate? Well, no need to worry – Siddharth Gupta is your answer to the people who compartmentalize us. Not quite ready to fit into a single category, Siddharth is what happens when you put a Bollywood loving-literature quoting-Law student together. Never one to not try something new, you probably already know him as a yellow cartoon themed tie wearing MUNer. Taking up NLU Delhi by a storm, you’d often find him in moots or hanging out with P Sainath, Jairam Ramesh or Subramanium Swamy – explaining to them how the world looks through HIMYM metaphors. Jamming to Taylor Swift, reciting Harry Potter or arguing about our political scenario – there’s nothing Siddharth met and did not have opinion about.

About Diksha

Think of the bubbliest person you know. Add a dash of sugar to her cappuccino. Give her a can of Red Bull. That’s Diksha Negi for you. A loveable Lily Aldrin, she’s stands at a grandly height of 5’2 and can make people double the size sweat with her sarcasm, wit and of course, sass. An Economics graduate from St. Xavier’s, Mumbai, Negzi has just thrown herself headfirst into the corporate world, as she bides her time to acquire that swanky MBA from the Indian School of Business. Mandarin loving, and Congress supporting, this Pahari is known for her penchant obsession with 500 Days of Summer (Duh! It’s like, THE best movie in the world!) and basically her love for any kind of motion-picture, and yes, she’s Bollywood-esque. Quirkier than Luna, smarter than Hermione and fiercer than Ginny, this Potterhead is a woman who dons many hats, and with panache.